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Apply Stands with Black Lives Matter

By Apply on

From George Floyd and Regis Korchinski-Paquet to the millions of black lives ended much too soon, we want to make it clear that we firmly believe that Black Lives Matter.

We’ve stayed silent as we’ve listened, absorbed, and reflected inwards on the events and protests that have defined the global reaction to Mr. Floyd’s death. Now we’re ready to take this reflection and transform it into social impact and internal initiatives that support and stand for equality and justice.

We want to unequivocally state that whether it’s in Canada, the USA, or anywhere else we work, Apply has no tolerance for racism, prejudice, marginalization, or repression. To amplify this belief, we are currently taking two more steps to protect, support, and promote BIPOC in our communities:

  • We are expanding our social impact work and are actively researching equality-focused organizations to help in Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, and LA, both financially and with labour.
  • We are recruiting a recognized third party to audit our internal policies and assist us in reforming them from ‘not racist’ to ‘anti-racist’.

We will announce the next steps of this plan of action in the coming weeks.


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