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Smart digital solutions for innovative enterprises. Leverage Apply Digital’s expertise to get the most out of this rapidly changing tech.

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Own your future with AI-driven innovation

AI technology is advancing quickly, and changing how people interact with digital platforms. Businesses need to be careful to invest in practical, useful technology — not just follow trends. 

Apply Digital uses AI to drive business advantage. We have years of experience building smart products using emerging tech that delivers business outcomes for enterprises. All while elevating the efficiency and performance of your digital suite.

Our differentiators

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Security always

We take your data privacy as seriously as you do. We ensure that no data is added to the public training set. Any solution we deliver meets privacy and security policies you have in place.

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Seasoned expertise

AI is not new to Apply Digital. We have rich experience building smart products and using AI tools to drive value. Use our deep knowledge and established ways of working to your advantage.

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We focus on the ROI of adding AI to your organization and products, but understand that can mean changes to ways of working. We help clients make those changes and become leaders themselves.

AI inside Apply Digital

We use AI at every stage of the process. From initial design to final build, we know how to leverage AI to its best advantage. Here are just a few ways we'll build value:


Generative AI platforms like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney help our team quickly create assets and moodboards to facilitate dialogue on design preferences, supporting a streamlined design phase and client feedback.


We use learning language models like ChatGPT to inform and expand user persona strategies, as well as generate engaging interface content to make experiences as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.


In the build phase, we use AI tools like CoPilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer to generate, review, and document code faster, freeing up time for strategy, and passing along these time savings to our clients.


Our team uses learning language models to uncover insights from unstructured and structured data sets, and empower non-technical users to access corporate data.


AI informs our product design, market research, user stories, and prototyping. This helps us refine and test ideas faster, reduce time to market, and improve product market fit.


We also use AI to enhance product and solution testing. Automated testing and test case generation supports our comprehensive testing and security standards, improving efficiency. 

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Leverage AI for Retail Growth

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