Achieve Dynamic Technology With Pre-Composed Solutions

Thought Leadership

By Iñaki Barturen | April 19, 2022
A laptop screen shows an online shoe store

For brands looking to enhance their tech ecosystem, implementing changes at any scale takes a lot of work and dedication. Typically we see brands taking several months to build, test, and deploy digital commerce tools.

One approach that can make this process a little easier is adopting ready-to-deploy elements known as Pre-Composed Solutions. These solutions contain a range of features and functions that eCommerce businesses commonly need to accelerate growth. Since Pre-Composed Solutions are built with headless technology, you can quickly integrate changes into your foundational system.

Let’s take a closer look at how Pre-Composed Solutions work and their advantages.

What are Pre-Composed Solutions?

Essentially, Pre-Composed Solutions are a collection of solutions ready-made for your business. They allow brands to accelerate their digitization and quickly deploy new digital experiences in a flexible and less risky way than building everything from scratch.

At Apply Digital, we’ve found that the Pre-Composed Solutions offered by Elastic Path Commerce are some of the best. This is because they easily integrate into the core areas of your site and enable customization.

This approach works because it uses a modular approach to platform design. So rather than building a solution from scratch and managing the many moving parts, Pre-Composed Solutions can accelerate the process.

The future is modular

Embracing pre-assembled tools means you’re gaining the advantages of working with modular architecture. For example, by using Elastic Path’s Pre-Composed Solutions hosted on their cloud, you are taking advantage of their well-maintained systems to optimize your performance.

These technologies enable you to deploy new solutions or make updates quickly in fast-changing environments. As we all experienced in 2019, market conditions can change on a dime. With rapid acceleration toward a digital marketplace, the need for solutions that are capable of quick deployment will only increase.

What can you do with Pre-Composed Solutions?

Leveraging Pre-Composed Solutions means you’re taking advantage of a composable commerce philosophy. This offers a range of benefits. From being more equipped to provide personalized omnichannel experiences to having the flexibility to swiftly implement solutions, Pre-Composed Solutions set you up for an accelerated time to market.

There are a variety of Pre-Composed Solutions built to support different business models. These can range from delivering specific digital experiences to ready-to-launch websites.

If you’re in B2B and looking to add an eCommerce arm to your business, Pre-Composed Solutions can help you launch an eCommerce site and architecture in just two weeks. You could also invest in a collection of Pre-Composed Solutions designed to handle advanced budgeting, account management, and inventory management, among other things.

There are many options for B2C businesses as well. For example, a pre-built solution designed for conversational commerce could improve your omnichannel customer conversation strategy. You could also implement solutions to help you manage product display catalogs or better facilitate sales through customized marketing channels.

At Apply Digital, we specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for complex business challenges. If you’re curious how Pre-Composed Solutions could benefit your business, reach out to someone on our team today, and we’d be happy to chat.