Contentful Helps Secure Your Platform

Thought Leadership

By Iñaki Barturen | November 26, 2021
Close-up of hands on a laptop keyboard with an icon of a shield with a lock inside illustrating security.

When you implement a component-based content platform like Contentful, you benefit from a high level of site security thanks to the nature of decoupled system architecture.

Since Contentful is an API-first platform, you can easily incorporate the pieces you need to deliver site functions and performance. And since all of your system elements are connected in the same back-end system, they’re easy to manage.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that Contentful drives robust platform security, and walk through an example of how one brand used the platform to deliver a highly successful online event.

IT security: The foundation of your platform

Information security (or IT security) refers to all the technologies in place that help prevent attacks and malicious software from taking hold of your site. Your IT security infrastructure should comply with privacy regulations and data integrity standards to ensure you protect any user information you collect and work with.

Ensuring your site is secure is a combination of setting up your own policies and procedures, and choosing the right technology vendors to work with who are compliant. As you evaluate platform and tooling providers, it’s helpful to check where they are in line with recognized standards.

For example, Contentful uses a comprehensive security program that is in line with the international security standard, ISO 27001:2013. This program ensures that the Contentful team has a systemized approach to evaluating risks and vulnerabilities for their users, and makes updates accordingly. The certification renews every three years, so users can feel confident that the correct audits and improvements are kept up to date. The platform regularly updates their users on their security status, so you can have peace of mind that your assets are well protected.

Contentful provides scalability

Thanks to their five APIs, Contentful enables a high degree of flexibility and scalability when it comes to evolving your digital assets.

Since the platform operates from a cloud-based, serverless setup, you can add more content to your site and process more requests without sacrificing loading time and user experience. The headless and modular system setup also enables built-in elasticity when it comes to servicing site requests that fluctuate. This means individual functions on your pages can operate independently from your security systems, adding a further layer of protection in case one part of your system fails.

The Contentful platform also maintains a 99.99% uptime rate. This is a strong foundation to build on, if you’re planning to expand your business and digital assets to have more of a global reach. Not only can you have peace of mind that your platform has robust uptime, but you can also be confident that the platform complies with international regulations as your dataset grows.

Contentful case study: Eurovision Song Contest

A great way to see the power and capabilities of a platform like Contentful is to look at an example.

In 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest was faced with putting their event online, like most formerly in-person events that were being shuttered in the wake of the pandemic. One of the oldest programs in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest is geared towards celebrating songwriting and emerging artists through its competition.

The organizing team wanted to carry on with the event, and create a digital platform leveraging 3D technology to provide attendees with a great experience. This was a giant challenge to tackle, since it involved figuring out a way to connect millions of different devices to participate in the live stream, vote on talent, ask questions, and interact. Of course, the solution needed to be highly secure, since the online event would welcome millions of engaged viewers daily.

The team decided to base their event on Contentful, and distribute all content globally. In selecting the platform, certain features stood out that provided the flexibility the team was looking for. Namely, being a cloud-based platform that enabled the team to operate the digital event in twelve different geographic locations, in a way that provided a consistent experience for millions of viewers.

Thanks to Contentful’s Content Delivery API (CDA), the platform was able to quickly distribute all content and perform updates. By relying on a CDN for data distribution, information was delivered and experienced from multiple connection points, which provided great user experiences throughout the event.

The online event was ultimately a success. After more than a week of presentations and digital interaction, attendees were highly engaged, and livestreams were well-attended. This represented a milestone for showing what’s possible for hosting mega-events online. Even as events ease back into being in-person in the future, we expect more organizers will explore adding digital components, thanks to sophisticated platforms like Contentful.

At Apply Digital, we use Contentful frequently because of their advanced abilities to provide highly secure and flexible solutions, no matter how complex the project. If you would like help selecting the platform to drive the next stage of your digital transformation, please reach out to someone on our team and we’d be happy to explore what is possible together.