The New Klaviyo-commercetools Integration Speeds Up Time to ROI for Personalization

Thought Leadership

By Serge Albohayre | May 25, 2023

To help retailers quickly turn commerce and customer data into revenue-driving personalization, Apply Digital has launched a new connector that brings together commercetools’ headless commerce and Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation.

The Klaviyo-commercetools integration makes it easy to sync event, product, and customer data from commercetools into Klaviyo to drive personalization across the shopper journey and automate marketing workflows. With access to real-time and historic commerce data, retailers can use Klaviyo’s best-in-class email, SMS, and mobile push functionality to send shoppers the content they want, on the channels they prefer, and the times they are most likely to convert.

Fast track to composable commerce

Klaviyo and commercetools are both platforms designed to support a composable approach to commerce technology where businesses “compose” their own unique tech stack out of best-fit tools for each domain, instead of relying on a more traditional all-in-one platform. Ease-of-integration is key to this approach and this new connector joins an extensive list of integrations offered by Klaviyo and on the commercetools integration marketplace.

This integration, built by Apply Digital in partnership with Klaviyo, was created to accelerate the time to value of composable commerce. It was designed with 3 main objectives: to get retailers up and running quickly with their investment, to empower marketing teams, and to provide flexibility for various business needs.

Matt Serwin - Principal - Strategic Partnerships, Klaviyo

Matt Serwin - Principal, Strategic Partnerships

"It’s now easy to connect commercetools data with Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation platform, without wasting months on implementation. This unified data lets marketers send highly personalized messaging all along the shopping journey to maximize the customer lifetime value."

Speed up time to market

The prebuilt code takes the guesswork out of syncing commercetools data into Klaviyo. It offers best practices for data and event structure so retailers can quickly power up personalization without spending months on data mapping and implementation. The integration supports multiple regions, currencies, and languages.

Boost marketing efficiency

Marketing teams can easily access commercetools data from within Klaviyo’s user-friendly platform, along with out-of-the-box tools to create, personalize, automate, and analyze customer communications across multiple channels. Without needing developers or data specialists, marketers can go from an idea in the morning to launching a data-driven campaign in the afternoon.

Flex to business needs

A core benefit of composable commerce is that companies aren’t locked into one way of working. The connector provides open-source code that gives retailers full control over what data is synced and the freedom to customize the solution. The API-first design makes it easy to adapt and expand the integration over time, without re-engineering, to support changing business needs.

Curious about composable for your business?

Apply Digital has helped many B2C and B2B enterprise organizations make the move to a modern, composable architecture. We also work with leading technology vendors to create reusable solutions, like the Klaviyo-commercetools integration, that help companies get new ideas to market faster. If you’re interested to learn more, please reach out to our team at