Winner Winner Brings the Arcade Home to Players Across America

Company Updates

By Apply Digital Staff | April 08, 2020
Winner Winner logo

The idea

Playtertainment’s Winner Winner app gives players the power to try their skill with physical claw machines online and then have their real-life prizes delivered directly to their door.

Playtertainment reached out to Apply Digital for assistance with the ideation, execution, and scaling of this platform right from concept and all the way to the go-to-market moment.

Apply Digital was the vendor of choice for this project for two reasons: our holistic approach to product design, and our reputation for building outstanding products that naturally differentiate themselves from other competitors in the field.

Winner Winner App on Phone

The process

Apply Digital worked with Winner Winner using a multi-disciplinary approach that included:

Strategy: We examined the overall needs of the product, and then deconstructed these to map out our development process. For example, to deliver a reactive live stream of the claw machine in real-time, we developed a method of shooting raw footage and then compressing and rapidly broadcasting it out to both the customer and storing it for regulatory needs at the same time.

Winner Winner App on Stacked Phones

Branding and design: Analysis revealed that our competitors’ products faltered due to their inability to translate from a local to an international audience. Apply Digital built a brand that would appeal and feel accessible to audiences around the world. Using the fairground as our inspiration, we conducted branding and naming exercises. We emerged on the other side with a global visual identity, brand, and memorable name — Winner Winner.

Engineering: We developed several prototypes before landing on our ‘stack for success’, which met all the video streaming, reactive play, and regulatory needs.

The results

Winner Winner is currently live on the iOS store and has met all regulatory state and federal requirements. Players from across the United States report that they’re enjoying the interface, the prizes, and an added functionality that allows them to save up their ‘wins’ for larger prizes, such as a TV.

“Players ask us whether or not the claw machine video stream is real or a digital rendering,” says Cody Flaherty from Playtertainment. “In our eyes, this is a testament to the success of Winner Winner’s reactive, responsive, and authentic interface.”

“Advanced back-end analytics provide the insights we need to understand our audience and launch new engagement campaigns,” they continue. “In short, it gives us one complete understanding of the entire customer acquisition funnel, and this has been invaluable as we grow and scale.”

Want to try your luck at Winner Winner? Download it now!