Dan De Sosa

Strategy Lead

Dan De Sosa Headshot

Dan De Sosa, Strategy Lead, is responsible for primary and secondary research initiatives as well as conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis and insight generation. Through journey mapping and experience blueprint creation, Dan aspires to be the champion of the end-user by understanding their needs, desires, and motivations so we can craft experiences that deliver meaningful value.

His experience in Digital and Content Strategy spans numerous companies, including lululemon, Telus Digital, and Electronic Arts. Dan has also worked at various agencies, such as Camp Pacific and Blast Radius, as a strategist for clients like Nike, Starbucks, and Intel.

In his off time, Dan loves making music, spending time with his kids, and training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Due to his dreadful sense of direction (Dan's words, not ours!), his favorite app is Google Maps.