Liz Goode

Content Lead

As Content Lead, Liz Goode gives shape to impactful stories inside of a brand, and delivers these through strategic content marketing campaigns. A writer at her core, Liz is inspired by the unrealized potential at the intersection of storytelling and user-directed, interactive, and multimedia forms. She’s all about the audience and knows the important role content plays in connecting and reinforcing relationships.

Liz’s background in journalism is augmented by her experience as a copywriter and creative producer. Her immersion into the world of technology began with her involvement with Smart Cities NYC — and she’s never looked back. Over the past 7 years, she’s led communications and marketing initiatives in corporate, agency, start-up, and non-profit environments.

Outside of work, Liz loves hiking, paddle boarding, and really anything that gets her outdoors. She loves to read, and invites you to ask her about her book of the week. Her favorite app is Spotify.