Mike Post

Mobile Tech Lead

Mike Post's headshot

As a Mobile Tech Lead, Mike Post is accountable for the quality and timely completion of mobile, TV, and related platforms, as well as resourcing new mobile developers for upcoming projects. He leads tech spikes, estimation, and core architecture during technical discovery phases while mentoring his team to gain confidence in the work they do. Always open-minded, Mike knows the importance of letting a client’s needs define what the best tech stack would look like for them.

Beginning his career in full-stack web development, Mike has since worked with iOS in Swift, Objective-C, React Native, and Android. His experience spans client-focused companies and small to medium-sized startups looking to build their own product.

In his free time, Mike likes the challenge of building small MVPs to try out a myriad of building solutions. You can also find him running long distances — no matter the weather. His favorite app is Shazam.