Valentina Olivares

Product Design Lead

Valentina Olivares headshot

As a Product Design Lead, Valentina Olivares oversees a team of UX designers, supporting the strategy and defining the vision to ensure high-quality products. As an advocate for atomic design, Valentina finds opportunities to implement this methodology for our clients. Valentina also believes in user-driven design as a key way of delivering valuable solutions to our clients. Always eager to help her team grow, she supports and mentors other designers to help them get where they want to go.

Valentina’s interest in UX began while working on her design degree, and she’s worked in digital agencies ever since. With experience across industries, she’s collaborated with clients like Embonor Coca-Cola, Tigo, Atlassian, and Moderna.

In her free time, Valentina enjoys going to cafes and parks with her dog. As someone who is always listening to something, her favorite apps include Spotify and Podcasts.