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The fundamentals of composable technology

MACH architecture is composable and modular, giving our clients the ability to experiment, scale, and rapidly react to changing market conditions by using best-of-need tools.

With MACH, leverage the combined power of individual but cohesive pieces of business functionality that can be independently deployed and managed without missing a beat.

Microservices allow applications to be arranged as a collection of loosely coupled and independently deployable services.

API-first exposes all application functionality through an API, making it possible for two or more applications or services to interact.

Cloud-native leverages software-as-a-service (SaaS) to store, host, elastically scale, and automatically update functionality.

A headless approach decouples the front-end presentation experience from the back-end logic, allowing enterprises to remain framework agnostic.

A Mix and MACH environment

Revolutionize your software ecosystem with MACH from start to finish.

Say goodbye to inflexible monoliths, vendor lock-ins, and pressure on one team to manage your entire tech stack. Embrace seamless experiences for both your customers and employees. Swap between independent and specialized business capabilities easily while minimizing risk to your back end, with support from our team every step on the way.

The benefits of adopting MACH

Two-speed architecture

Together, we kill two birds with one stone — you have a fast-speed, customer-centric front end running alongside a slow-speed, transaction-focused legacy back end.

Automated scalability

Free yourself of rigid digital visions that limit your business’ growth. Identify an opportunity and react just as quickly, without blowing your budget.

Zero downtime

With limited tech entanglements and the ability to swap vendors conveniently, stay in the race and reach your dynamic business goals. Experiment rapidly with multiple tools and adapt to evolving market changes cost-effectively.

Easy configuration

Configuring new tools was never this easy. Our MACH experts are here to set your business free of bottlenecks using a collection of modern best-of-breed technologies. Leverage the power of composability with smooth integrations and a whole digital solution.

Better for everyone

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Delight users with the latest product features and unrivaled digital experiences.


Our clients control their own roadmap and have the freedom to use the best tools that support their journey of success. They experiment with new technologies and adapt to market changes rapidly and inexpensively.

Internal stakeholders

Empower your internal teams from Sales to Marketing by moving to MACH-based tools that require minimum support from Technology Management teams.

Development teams

MACH gives Development teams the chance to redirect their focus from troubleshooting to bringing innovative experiences to life.

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