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The challenge

To keep up with the huge demand in online shopping, healthcare giant Bupa needed to strengthen their digital presence by providing localized user experiences for all their customers. They decided to unify three of their leading Chilean brands Integramédica, Cruz Blanca, and Bupa Clinics, and create a single design system.

Their goal was to personalize the commerce user experience while keeping the brand content consistent across their different businesses and locations. That’s when Apply Digital jumped in to help.

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Introducing new possibilities with atomic design

Regardless of the touchpoint used, Bupa wanted to create a frictionless customer journey. The main idea was to guide customers from the discovery sites, like their blog, to the final destination, the commerce platform, where they could book medical services and purchase insurance. To effectively enable this customer journey, Bupa needed to modernize their platform.

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“Bupa-fication” for internal empowerment and external consistency

Building on our expertise in MACH-based cross-platform integrations, we first introduced BUPA’s team to atomic design. Together, we executed a decoupled content management approach to build BADS (Bupa Atomic Design System) — BUPA’s own reusable component library — that would work for any channel and devices. This design system would set up BUPA for any future improvements and new branding deployments. 

By harnessing the flexibility of BADS and using Contentful’s headless and scalable capabilities, we helped centralize Bupa’s messaging and visuals through a consistent product landing page. We also trained their teams on how to use the BADS by providing them with learning resources to ensure the deployment of consistent experiences for their many brands in the future. Our combined efforts on atomic design and headless content delivery have been recognized as the “Bupa-fication” of their platform.

We also streamlined Bupa’s commerce experience in their insurance domain by setting up a unified payment and checkout system using Commerce Layer. Bupa’s database and operations could communicate with Commerce Layer’s engine, making it easier for customers to accomplish their goals in one seamless user journey through any device of choice. 

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Working together on these solutions ensured that the Bupa team was trained in atomic design methodology and had developed the brand management skills necessary for future expansion. Our modular and composable solution empowered Bupa to create custom pages with Contentful without changing the code, enabling quicker turnaround times for their marketing team. 

The development of BADS gave their teams access to a number of reusable components that could be flexibly used for any country-specific experience in the future. This new muscle allows BUPA to deliver consistent experiences as they expand their healthcare and insurance brands globally.

As a result of our joint efforts, Bupa became the first company in Chile to offer cancer treatment insurance entirely online from its platform, positively impacting people's lives and differentiating itself from the competition.

“Today, we can launch a new product for our insurance commerce in just one week, as every component is already built: the templates, the structure, and the shopping cart logic are all there. We only need to define the content to release it"

Jean Staig Limidoro — Former Head of Digital Experience & Performance at BUPA Chile