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The challenge

From property and auto insurance to art collections and yacht protection, PURE Insurance provides coverage — and peace of mind — for high net worth individuals and families across the United States.

To meet members’ increasing demand for easy access to policy information, the claims process, and billing information, PURE embarked on designing their very first member experience app. PURE partnered with Apply Digital and engaged members in the design and development of their new mobile experience, providing critically important insights to help inform the end product.

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Charting the course

Apply Digital began with a complete audit of PURE’s current web-based member experience offering, documenting existing content and features. We weighed the benefits of features against existing functional gaps, and emerged with a strategic roadmap for the design and features of the new PURE Insurance mobile app.

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Defining the experience

Bringing together PURE’s knowledge of a complex industry and our expertise in digital experience design enabled a collaborative effort united behind a shared vision. We ran extensive stakeholder workshops, mixing and matching PURE’s teams and facilitating prioritization exercises. The groups were given two objectives — to determine what they consider to be must-have app tasks, and then to rank these tasks in order of importance.

This approach enabled PURE team members to think critically about their members’ needs in a strategic way. The exercise also allowed PURE to glean key insights into which aspects were of high corporate priority. Finally, it allowed key stakeholders from across disciplines direct involvement in planning short and long-term goals — a key indicator of digital transformation success.

Researching the member

In close collaboration with PURE, we spoke with members about their mobile experience expectations and what features matter most to them, zeroing in on the functionalities that the app needed.

PURE’s membership expects a simple, effective digital experience including enhanced security, streamlined payment processes, a simple interface, and intuitive navigation. We designed the experience with that in mind.

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No stone unturned

We accelerated the UX and UI bridge by planning and designing iteratively. Conducting daily design stand-ups to discuss progress, feedback, and creative solutions, we worked collaboratively with PURE’s Member Experience Team and their implementation partner.

Starting with wireframes, we templatized the app’s functions while ensuring no stone was left unturned. Guided by our content audit, workshop results, and user research, we situated the highest priority functions predominantly within the first scroll of the app, making them big and bold, so users could easily navigate their PURE engagement.

The app’s new content hierarchy means users are now able to quickly and efficiently complete core tasks and easily fulfill their PURE account needs.

From functional to finessed

PURE’s expansion into an omnichannel experience called for a re-imagined visual brand identity. We built on PURE’s existing brand guidelines, balancing elegance with function, refinement with simplicity of use, and emerging with a look designed for an impactful app experience.

It’s not just about what font you use, but how that font behaves in an app interface. It’s not just about colors, but how those colors complement each other, and can be used to connote important information, such as message errors or successfully completed actions.

And the devil is in the detail. We presented components and elements that can sometimes fall under the radar, such as splash screens, pop-up notifications, and expanded iconography and visuals. The look and feel and tone of voice were inspired by PURE’s values of humility, confidence, human, and transparency. Finally, we incorporated the new design components into PURE’s digital design system, providing a single source of truth when it comes to designing future digital experiences.

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UI elements of the Pure App
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Partners in technology

With the development of the mobile app in the hands of PURE’s technical partner, we facilitated a steady feedback loop to discuss the implementation of our designs, while delivering the best customer experience possible within any technical constraints.

Maintaining open lines of communication allowed us to collaborate closely and effectively, and deliver quality outputs as a unified team.

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Since launching, the PURE Insurance Mobile App has seen success with a 4.5-star rating on the Apple App Store.

“Apply Digital came to us with new thinking and perspective, and challenged us to raise the bar for the mobile Member Experience. Their collaborative approach to designing digital experiences led to a successful launch of a mobile app that our members love.”

— Matt Schreibeis | Senior VP Member Experience