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Reinvigorating a Luxury Shirt Brand

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The challenge

As a commerce company with name recognition spanning the globe, Thomas Pink sells luxury shirts for professionals. Despite being well-known in the retail space, the team knew there was an opportunity to improve their sales and overall web experience for their customers.

Specifically, they wanted to improve their checkout experience, their product information pages, and streamline the back-end with select tools to improve data management and customer targeting abilities.

The collars of a white, blue, and pink button-up shirts.


Improving the checkout experience

With the checkout process identified as a pinch point for site conversions, we outlined a plan to simplify the experience. Their old page featured content and buttons that were not optimized for conversion, provided an irregular viewing experience, and at times surfaced buggy form field options depending on how users interacted with the page. We also refreshed the front-end experience by streamlining the page content and adding features like a progress bar to guide users through the purchase process.

Two mobile phones display the product details page and the checkout page.

Expanding international sales

In addition to enhancing the UX of the checkout experience, the team wanted to make shopping easier for US customers and expand revenue from this region. To do so, we set up an integration with Avalara — an automated tax compliance software — to facilitate streamlined sales tax and duty payments. We built out an alternative journey for US customers going through the checkout process to ensure a smooth experience that engaged the right tooling.

We also expanded the payment providers that US shoppers could use to process their orders, like Paypal and Apple Pay, to better suit the preferences of this growing customer base.

A mobile phone displays the check out page for Thomas Pink. The Apple Pay and PayPal logos appear to the left of the phone.

Enhancing the shirt display pages

With a wide variety of shirts available, the product display pages were an opportunity to offer further customization. Between the different materials, shirt styles, and sleeve lengths, customers wanted an easy way to compare the shirt models and features. One element that was missing was an easy way to choose the overall shirt fit type — like athletic, slim, or classic. Customers had to click back and around the site to view a different fit of the same shirt.

To tackle this, we customized the SKU data organization in commercetools so that it would push all desired data points to the product pages. Our approach was to ensure that site performance wasn’t affected, and the page would still load quickly with the updated dataset. As a result, customers can now easily compare all the specifications of a shirt with less friction navigating the site.

Several mobile phones display the Thomas Pink mobile site's shirt fitting guide.

Digitalizing the online shirt-fitting experience

The site also had opportunities to provide a more tailored shirt-fitting experience for its users through an updated size and fit guide. Originally, the site offered a single size guide where users could reference general specifications, but would have to take a guess on how certain styles would fit. To make this easier, we helped build out a unique size guide for specific shirt styles. Now when viewing the products, users know how to accurately measure themselves according to their favorite fit, and can feel more confident that they’re making the right purchase.

Two tablets display the Thomas Pink fit & size guide.

Boosting site discoverability and SEO

We did a site audit to identify opportunities for Thomas Pink to improve SEO. This resulted in pinpointing a handful of recommendations for content creation, site map adjustments, and suggested pre-rendering tools to achieve faster page loading time. The team has the roadmap in-hand and ready to action alongside their team’s web optimization efforts.

A laptop displays the Thomas Pink website. Several screens with various transparencies appear around the laptop as the commerce site is on full display.

Improving the customer fulfillment process

Facing complications with their fulfillment partner, the team was experiencing shipping delays and incorrect inventory updates. Thomas Pink needed to find a better solution that would enhance the customer experience.

To help tackle this, we helped the team integrate with a new fulfillment partner. This included customizing tool integration to make sure there was accurate data flow and information sharing, as well as ensuring the warehouse logistics were a good fit for the brand’s needs.

The inside of a Thomas Pink store. There are collared button-up shirts on a wooden table and others hanging on the rack. Red round chairs are in the back of the store near the dressing rooms.
The Thomas Pink storefront. The word, "Pink" appears in all capital letters on the black sign.


Between the improved platform tools and enhanced focus on customization, the site saw positive increases in engagement.

After the first month, the average order value increased by approximately 180%. This was in part due to adding payment and shipping options catered to US clients, which expanded the revenue from this region. Having a more integrated and optimized tool set has given the team the confidence to advance their eCommerce goals and performance, positioning them with the foundations needed to grow in the future.



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