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How we do it

Smart digital products misfire for a lot of reasons—some because they’re simply not smart enough, others fail due to a lack of proper planning.

We look at the bigger picture.

Strategic planning is integral to everything we do. Technology should enhance, not impede that all-important end-user experience.

This holistic, human-centric approach directs our cycle of service—Strategy, Design, Engineering, and Growth.

How we do it


Apply’s expertise spans product and brand strategy, technology, and business transformation.

Specialists across our network share ideas, methodologies, and knowledge with all of our multidisciplinary teams. By combining this know-how with human insight and data, your new product or brand is destined for success.

Our offerings:
  • Product & brand strategy
  • Market and business validation
  • Data and intelligence
  • Concepting and MVP

Sarah Xu

Product Analyst


We’re driven by a passion for design innovation and the belief that great design can change the way consumers and brands engage with each other.

Our team of UX and UI specialists instill the human factor into every facet of a company’s digital ecosystem to create engaging, sensory experiences that are irresistible to use and beautiful to look at.

Our offerings:
  • User research
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • UI design & animation
  • Brand design

Natascha Mehrabi

Sr. UX Designer


Our product strategy comes alive through expert engineering.

We take an agile approach using two-week sprints to produce MVPs that incorporate emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, VR, and AR to deliver products that are smart by nature and design.

Our team of full-stack engineers is versed in many languages and platforms including Native, React, React Native, Web, AWS, EpiServer, Drupal, and Google stacks.

Our offerings:
  • Product development
  • Technical architecture
  • Product optimization
  • QA
  • Technical maintenance
  • Operational support

Matt Barry

Senior Engineer


Building engagement, driving sales

Now that your digital product has been launched, it’s time to capture, retain and monetize your audience. The Apply Marketing team has the expertise to help you engage more customers, more effectively, by putting end-users at the core of your brand’s digital universe.

Our offerings:
  • Product launch
  • App store optimizations
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Feature improvement

Ted Cran

Client Lead

The Power of Attraction

Collaborative to our core, we partner with leading companies to deliver the best digital products and brand presence possible for our clients.


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