Preparing today’s business for digital success in the future

The Lab’s team of interdisciplinary strategists looks at emerging technologies to amplify the advantages for Apply Digital’s clients.

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By understanding emerging trends and exploring their impact, we position our clients for the best competitive advantages now and in the near future.

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We go beyond evaluating emerging products and technologies, surfacing market-shifting opportunities that transform our clients' business strategies.


Built to test ideas, gather insights, and thoughtfully refine, we are known for moving from concept to MVP in record time to rapidly test in the market.

Guided by a leading digital innovator

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Chief Product Officer

With a love of products and an eagerness to be at the forefront of technological innovation, Scott knows what it takes to make successful digital solutions. His reputation for achieving impressive ROIs and propelling them to greater growth is backed by launching more than 150 successful products.

Neverending exploration

Whether it's AI, Web3, Midjourney, ChatGPT, or beyond, The Lab is continuously experimenting and exploring for clients looking to innovate.

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The future of loyalty programs

The Lab is exploring the future of loyalty programs — powered by blockchains and NFTs for brands building consumer relationships.

  • Enhancing trust for peer-to-peer transactions

  • Augmenting user interactions with digital assets

  • Bridging physical and digital worlds together

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A collaboration with AI

AI is disrupting numerous industries. The Lab is exploring what that means for brands and their IPs.

  • Navigating the impacts of AI, IPs, and content creation

  • Examining the effect on production lifecycles

  • Supporting brands looking to stay ahead of the digital world’s ever-evolving demands

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