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Kraft Heinz DXP

Two women eat Kraft Mac'n'Cheese while sitting in the same chair.

Building stronger connections between consumers and the KH brands they love

Kraft Heinz logo in dark blue and red

Project Focus

Strategy and research

Experience design

Tech advisory and engineering

Data intelligence

Kraft Heinz is one of the largest global food brands, with over 39,000 employees and 100+ unique brand portfolios.

Five mobile screens show the different Kraft Heinz brands, including Cool Whip, Jell-o, KH, Velveeta, and Kraft Singles.
A tablet screen shows the Kraft Heinz products and brands, including Jello-O, Kraft Mac'n'Cheese, Ai.Oli, Kool-Aid, Oscar Mayer, and Heinz.

Project overview


Create a unified digital experience across 100+ product portfolios, and enable first-party data acquisition and activation to better connect with KH customers.


A cutting-edge digital experience platform (DXP) that reveals valuable behavior insights, streamlines content and product management, and personalizes the KH brand experience.

Technology Partners:

Contentful logo in dark grey. TalonOne logo in dark grey. Ninetailed logo in dark grey. Algolia logo in dark grey.

Key Results

Streamlined operations, faster revenue conversion, and better connection to customers and Kraft Heinz brands.

+ 78 %

conversion rate

+ 28 %

increase in customer satisfaction

It’s exciting to be able to address consumers and communities individually. With the right content, design, and technology, we have the capability to connect with and learn from our consumers like never before — and that makes for a really powerful bond.

Justin Thomas Head of Digital at Kraft Heinz
Screens from the What's Cooking mobile app. One of the more prominent images is a Level 5 badge icon for Grilling.

Connect an iconic food brand more closely with their customers


The company wanted to energize how end-customers relate to Kraft Heinz brands. Their Head of Digital reached out to Apply Digital with an ask: develop a fresh approach to how they could better connect with consumers and bring greater agility and flexibility to their marketing organization.

A mobile phone shows Kraft Heinz's Away from Home website, highlighting "Hot Topics". There is also a picture of a burger in the right corner.
A group of four friends eat their burgers together.
An atomic representation of Kraft Heinz's digital experience. Their DX logo is in the center. The inner ring has a Loyalty bubble. The second ring has Ai.Oli and What's Cooking logos. The Outer ring has Heinz, Mac & Cheese, and Away From Home logos.

A first-of-its-kind approach to digital change


Together, the Kraft Heinz Digital Experience team joined forces with our Strategy, Content, UX, and Data teams to create a comprehensive, end-to-end digital strategy that would deliver. With a need to quickly pivot and scale to changing environments, we transitioned Kraft Heinz from a legacy tech stack to a flexible composable technology.

This evolution allowed for the creation of a digital experience platform (DXP) that acts as a single source of truth across 100+ product portfolios. Marketing teams can use the DXP's agile capabilities and predictive analysis to create, launch, and optimize unique experiences across the Kraft Heinz ecosystem.

A flow of screens showing how a simple website wireframe serves as the basis for all their websites.

Increased customer engagement, conversion, and satisfaction


A new Kraft Heinz website and DXP that levels up the brand experience for KH consumers everywhere. In addition to better consumer insights around first-party data, Kraft Heinz is now building on top of the DXP to both test and scale new innovation. Their team recently launched the first in-house mobile app to connect with consumers in a completely novel way.

New content can be launched in days, not months. Teams now innovate with digital tools to serve their customers in unprecedented ways. 

The new online experience has delivered:

+ 30 %

increase in engagement

+ 78 %

conversion rate

+ 28 %

increase in customer satisfaction
A pair of legs are in the air, wearing white shoes and blue socks with yellow macaronis on them. A mobile screen shows the Kraft Mac & Cheese site.
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