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Contentful Improves Your Omnichannel Brand Story

Find out how Contentful's intelligent CMS helps you elevate your brand story across all channels.

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  • 3 MIN READ
  • Apr 5, 2022
Iñaki Barturen
Iñaki Barturen

Head of Business Development LATAM

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As brands work to keep up with the accelerating demand for eCommerce, having an effective digital marketing presence is pivotal to your business’ success. 

Connecting with your digital customers means you need to provide experiences that engage, keep attention, and take people along a branded journey that ends in the solution they seek. 

To do this, you need a strong omnichannel strategy and supporting site infrastructure. In a study completed by eCommerce platform Omnisend, they found that brands who prioritize an omnichannel experience a 250% increase in purchases compared to those who are focused on single-channel strategies. 

How do you craft a strong omnichannel strategy? Embrace technology designed with this in mind. Contentful is a headless content management system (CMS) designed to do this. Let’s take a closer look at how you can leverage this technology to improve your own strategy.

How Contentful facilitates omnichannel engagement

Contentful is much more than a content management system (CMS) hosted in the cloud. It is an API-first content platform that allows you to create personalized customer experiences, manage content in a unified way, and distribute content across any channel you choose.

Contentful operates as headless architecture. This allows you to separate the front-end of your site from the back-end, giving you more flexibility to design and develop your content. Since it brings all your content management into one place, it helps you facilitate a cohesive experience for your end user across all channels.

For example, you could post the same content across your online store, landing pages, core website, and mobile application, without affecting the experience quality or information you share. The system is designed to give you the most flexibility, scalability, and consistency across your digital ecosystem.

This is possible because Contentful has its own content delivery network (CDN), which is based on a global network of distribution nodes. It makes sure your content gets delivered around the clock with no downtime or latency issues.

Benefits of omnichannel strategy

Using a headless CMS enables your team to design and launch customized content that is suited to each of your brands or target customer demographics. Here are some benefits that using a CMS like Contentful provides for your omnichannel strategy:

  • Content management. Contentful enables you to define how your content will be managed, including what the components look like, their relationships, and hierarchies. This gives you the freedom to generate content models, to show up consistently across channels.

  • Facilitates atomic design. Contentful is a great fit for using the atomic design method to content creation, as you can organize all your elements into a single workspace and distribute them using APIs. This accelerates UI development, increasing efficiency and team collaboration.

  • Content distribution. Contentful works with five different APIs that help your tools effectively communicate and share relevant data. The CDA (Content Delivery API) allows you to deliver content between any visible touchpoints of your brand.

    By communicating via API calls and distributing mainly JSON data — including images and videos — all of your systems and interfaces receive the same information. This makes your content highly compatible across devices.

  • Code-free design. Since Contentful is built on APIs, you can manage content without the need to code from scratch. This helps drive autonomy in your design and development teams. 

All of these features contribute to an ideal infrastructure for delivering best-in-class omnichannel experiences. Contentful helps you operate as an agile team, and focus on telling a cohesive brand story to your customers. If you would like help exploring what platform is best for your omnichannel plans, reach out someone on our team and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help. 

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