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Meet Your Chief Commerce Officer Matt Gould

Find out all you need to know about Apply Digital's Chief Commerce Officer

  • Company update
  • 3 MIN READ
  • March 23, 2023
matt gould


As we continue to grow our footprint, we recognize the need for new senior leadership roles that will help us better serve our clients and partners within our expanding ecosystem.

To maintain our One Team way of working, we’re delighted to elevate two (formerly E2X) senior leaders into global roles. 

Our first new Apply Digital senior leader is Matt Gould, who joins us as Chief Commerce Officer (CCO) in London, UK. Matt brings over 10+ years of leading multi-million-pound digital transformations for global retailers, including Burberry, Renishaw, and The Very Group.

Matt sat down with us to share a little bit about his new role and how he’ll work in collaboration with our global team.

Apply Digital: Hi Matt, congratulations on your new role; we’re excited to have you on board as Chief Commerce Officer. You’ll be partnering with internal teams, tech partners, and clients to drive global commerce strategy and growth. How do you plan to deliver that value as CCO? 

Matt Gould, CCO: Absolutely. First off, I’m excited to be joining the Apply Digital team in this capacity, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the global team.

I plan to add value in a few ways: 

  • Raise people up: We’re a people business, and it’s the people that make the magic happen. I look forward to continuing to create a platform for brilliant people to reach their potential.

  • Collaborative consulting: It’s important to create a knowledge-sharing ethos for how we work with each other. I look forward to co-designing with client stakeholders to define and deliver best-in-class commerce solutions that drive new levels of customer engagement and technology sustainability.

  • Partner for change management: The only constant is change — but the right tech can help you pivot and flow with it. I look forward to working with teams to create transition models that maximize ROI and de-risk the move to composable and MACH commerce solutions.

Apply Digital: From your time at the award-winning London-based digital services company E2X (now an Apply Digital Company), you’ve worked closely with commerce leaders to transform their companies digitally. What do you wish company leaders knew right now about composable tech?

Matt Gould, CCO: Great question. I wish more leaders knew that: 

  • Composable tech isn’t just for B2C: As tech has accelerated over the last few years, composable tech has diversified to being very much a B2B thing, too. No matter the industry, companies recognize how composability and MACH tech stacks open up the opportunity to become more agile and more resilient to change. 

  • You’re not alone: We hear again and again from many of our clients that their old tech is holding them back. They can’t get to market fast enough, they have disconnected physical and digital experiences, they have inconsistencies in their product, customer, and order data management. These are just some of the pain points we work on with clients in a variety of industries as they navigate their digital transformation.

  • Modern companies are already setting themselves apart: While there is lower awareness of it in North America than in Europe, leaders are currently using composable tech to pivot to customer needs quickly, deliver personalized experiences and scale what works. Over 80% of technology decision-makers plan to increase the elements of MACH in their architecture in the next six months. If you haven’t already, the time to explore how composable tech can elevate your business is now.

Apply Digital: You’re on the Growth Council for the MACH Alliance and have worked with leading brands that have adopted composable technology. How are you most excited to collaborate in your new role?

Matt Gould, CCO: I’m most excited to partner with an outstanding team of thinkers, crafters, and innovators. Having people who share similar values makes all the difference when you’re helping to transform amazing brands to reach their true potential. I look forward to working with Brian Lloyd, Chief Platform Officer, and Scott Michaels, Chief Product Officer, to engage with clients across their digital ecosystem and deliver channel-less digital impact.

Congratulations again to Matt and we look forward to continuing to better serve our clients wherever they are. Stay tuned to read about our next senior leader, Dom Selvon.

To connect with Matt or learn more about Apply Digital, please reach out to us at hello@applydigital.com.

Co-Written by Sasha Speranzini

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