Meet our leadership team

We are the sum of our vision, expertise, and elbow grease. Listed by alphabetic order, digital by nature.

Aaron Aylward
Design Lead
Alex Kotliar
QA Lead
Ali Mahboob
QA Lead
Alison Hawkyard
Head of Business Development
Ana Blloshmi
Strategy Lead
Andrea Moretti
Head of Technology
Andreas Estenfelder
Technology Lead, Delivery
Andrew Kirby
Managing Director, Head of Client Services
Andy Wadsworth
Senior Director, Business Development
Aydan Sarikaya
Client Director
Ben Rooney
Head of Technology, EMEA
Brian Cass
Design Lead
Brian Chen
Technology Lead, Platforms
Brian Lloyd
Chief Platform Officer
Brian Yan Muk
Product Lead
Candice Dehond
Project Management, Lead
Chris Coghlan
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Rowinski
Product Management Lead
Christina Ung
UX Lead
Claudia Ng
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Claudio Polgati
Head of Design, LATAM
Colleen Bin
Head of People Operations
Cristian Agüero
Head of Project Management, LATAM
Dan De Sosa
Head of Content
Danielle Salley
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Evan Situ
Head of Data
Exequiel Fuentes
Technology Lead, Back-end
Felipe López
Head of Learning
Felipe Narváez
Technology Lead, Architecture
Felipe Silberstein
Head of Platform Strategy
Felipe Solar
Finance Manager
Frank Pedersen
Managing Director, East
Gautam Lohia
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Gavin Power
Technology Lead, Delivery
Gayan Pathirana
Head of Technology, East
Gloria Charles Odemwingie
Director of Finance
Halliq AMA
UX Lead
Hans Piña
Technology Lead, Front-end
Iñaki Barturen
Director of Business Development and Partner Marketing
Jason Ling
Head of Product Management
Jaime Vasquez
Technology Lead, Platforms
Javier Navarro
Head of Client Services, LATAM
Jonathan Birch
Director, Technology
Jose Francisco Hurtado
Content Author Lead
Josephine Grant
PMO Lead
Juan Manuel Fluxà
Head of Tech, LATAM
Juan Claudio López
Managing Director, LATAM
Junior Martínez
Technology Lead, Mobile
Karen Abba
Administration and Finance Lead
Karen Marrello
Project Management Lead
Lauren Edgar
Strategy Lead
Lauren Miceli
Client Partner and General Manager, LA
Lauren Milne
Head of Strategy
Lauren Schantz
Project Management Lead
Lenifer Ortiz
Project Management Lead
Leo Leone
Creative Lead, Brand Platforms
Leona De Souza
UX Lead
Liz Goode
Content Lead
Matthew Asaminew
Technology Lead, Delivery
Matthew Short
Director, People Operations
Mauricio Pommella
Head of Design
Meagan Conceicao
Client Director
Michael Gaa
Talent Lead, East
Mitsuaki Yajima
Design Lead
Nathalie Ramos
Project Management Lead
Nicholas Liu
Technology Lead, Web Applications
Nicole Wall
Project Management Lead
Patricio Abello
Peter Ha
Head of Quality Assurance
Pablo González
Director of Operations
Rabiya Samji
Head of UX
Ray Silva
Head of Business Planning, Client Partner
Scott Michaels
Chief Product Officer
Sarah Xu
Product Management Lead
Sean Lim
Technology Lead
Sean Bowles
R&D Lead
Soo Feng Ker
Head of PMO
Sophia Nguyen
Technology Lead, Delivery
Sophie Wassermann
Client Director
Stefany Hernandez
Senior Engineering Manager
Taz H
Head of IT
Ted Cran
Client Director
Vaibhav Lohia
Head of Marketing
Wells Stringham
Head of Experience
Valentina Olivares
Product Design Lead
Wilfried Hanachowicz
Head of Project Management
Zak Wash