Alison Hawkyard

Head of Business Development

Alison Hawkyard Headshot

As Head of Business Development, Alison Hawkyard is responsible for finding, qualifying, and closing new business opportunities that help us exceed our growth goals.

By working to identify pain points and foster interdisciplinary collaboration to arrive at solutions, Alison inspires companies to feel confident in what they can do by partnering with Apply Digital.

Alison has over 10 years of experience in agency environments, focusing on enabling growth through customer and brand experience with both B2B and D2C clients, including Mattel, FujiFilm, and Diono.

Spending time either on the beach or on the ski hills with her family, Alison loves finding fun, family-friendly outdoor activities. Her favorite apps include Marco Polo, which helps keep her connected to friends and family, and Spotify.