Andreas Estenfelder

Technology Lead, Delivery

Andreas Estenfelder's headshot

As a Technology Lead, Delivery, Andreas Estenfelder oversees client projects, helping them overcome the challenges they face. Supporting his team of developers with delivering great products, Andreas strives to make products that matter to our clients and their customers. As a big-picture thinker, he searches for interdisciplinary solutions in order to provide the best overall outcome. For Andreas, he’s excited about the diversity of products and technologies that enable the development of the best products possible for our clients.

Before Apply Digital, Andreas worked as an industrial electrician in Germany, programming robots and production machines for Mercedes Benz — his favorite car company. After studying Management and Computer Science, he worked for a web agency where he helped clients develop an ERP system for a production facility and implemented the solution on-site.

Outside of work, Andreas loves hiking and biking — when it’s not too cold in Ontario — as well as traveling the globe. His favorite app is Apple Maps.