Claudio Polgati

Head of Design, LATAM

Claudio Polgati's headshot

As Head of Design, LATAM, Claudio Polgati supervises the entire UX and UI teams. He promotes design philosophies and work methodologies and ensures his team works on valuable projects while he evaluates their growth. Seeking to evangelize atomic design across our organization, Claudio works to ensure the values and processes of this methodology are met. He also aims to guide people as best he can, practicing a horizontal structure in internal communication, and making sure he’s supporting his team.

Claudio has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. But prior to joining Apply Digital, he worked as a web designer for the most important newspaper in Chile. As a designer in tech, he worked on the first website for Latam, a major airline in Latin America.

Outside of work, Claudio loves to play, from in-person paddle tennis to online Fifa matches. His favorite apps include TikTok and Star+.