Iñaki Barturen

Director of Business Development and Partner Marketing

Iñaki Barturen's headshot

As the Director of Business Development and Partner Marketing, Iñaki Barturen drives new business opportunities by promoting our partner technologies through successfully delivered digital solutions. Always eager to meet each client's unique needs, Iñaki recognizes the importance of seeking the right technologies that best serve our clients.

From being a competitive rugby player to an entrepreneur, Iñaki has donned many hats. Over his career, he’s helped generate new business for multi-sector tech companies across North and South America. He believes that choosing the right words brings more purpose to his work — a CMS migration RFP is actually a digital transformation project for Iñaki.

While Iñaki loves to keep active through sports and fitness training, he considers enjoying good food with people therapeutic. He also advocates for a good amount of "doing nothing" time to help recharge our minds. His favorite app is Headspace.