Josephine Grant

PMO Lead

As PMO Lead, Josephine Grant is responsible for establishing and streamlining processes for our clients as she strives to make their transition toward digital transformation smoother. By taking over the creation of frameworks and training a client’s team, she empowers businesses to focus on what matters most — crushing their objectives and goals. Josephine aims to make everyone’s lives a little easier, whether through developing processes tailored to a client’s needs or streamlining onboarding processes by ensuring everything is documented.

Josephine’s background in B2C and agencies consists of successfully supporting multi-million-dollar brands for companies like Walmart, Citi Bank, and Popeyes. Her proven record and recognizable passion for transforming processes and teams have allowed her to lead change on a global scale.

When she’s not working, Josephine loves exploring the endless list of restaurants in Toronto, and she relishes the times when it snows. Her favorite apps are Apple Music and Podcast.