Juan Claudio López

Managing Director, LATAM

Juan Claudio López's headshot

As the Manager Director, LATAM, Juan Claudio López oversees and manages our Latin American operations. With a deep focus on developing a great company culture and strengthening client and partner relationships, Juan Claudio helps us advance our unique vision in all spheres. He strongly believes that our diversity allows us to innovate and build best-in-class digital solutions meant to support all walks of life.

From a very young age, Juan Claudio has been involved in building large and small-scale enterprises using flexible and scalable digital products. He brings this experience to Apply Digital and helps us go the extra mile in building future-proof solutions and meeting larger goals.

When Juan Claudio isn’t working, he can be found enjoying some local delicacies or playing video games. He also loves spending time and vacationing with his family. His favorite app is Spotify.