Leona De Souza

UX Lead

Leona De Souza headshot

As UX Lead, Leona De Souza is responsible for the end-to-end product experience across Apply Digital’s health-based clients. A health UX subject matter expert, she continuously pushes for data-driven projects and user-enabled research-based design. As a leader on the UX team, Leona helps build and growth, knowledge, culture, and skill level of the UX practice — and always champions user-driven design.

Leona began her journey studying Biology and Business before finding her way to UX and getting her Master’s degree in User Experience Design. Her career spans the transportation, marketing, and healthcare industries where she designed digital solutions and products.

Outside of work, Leona loves anything related to water sports — from dragon boating to swimming to kayaking, she’s there! She’s also a classically trained singer and performs at both public and private events around Toronto. Her favorite app is Apple Podcasts.