Sean Bowles

R&D Lead

Sean Bowles' headshot

As Research and Development Lead, Sean Bowles oversees The Lab, which focuses on researching near future and market shifting technologies. Supporting active Apply Digital engagements where future tech is a focus, Sean translates findings and gained experience into materials and assets for client engagements and share-worthy insights. For Sean, it’s all about arming our teams with the knowledge and information they need to continue delivering amazing products for clients, future and present.

Sean started his career as a Business System Integration consultant before moving to Human Performance consulting at Accenture. He spent 10 years designing and developing products across industries such as Travel Insurance, OTA’s, Brain Health, Gaming, eCommerce, and beyond. Previously a Product Lead for Velocity, Apply Digital’s start-up practice, he worked with clients across Finance, Legal, and Electrification sectors.

In his free time, Sean loves snowboarding, cycling, and traveling when he can. An avid podcast listener, it’s no surprise his favorite app is Podcasts.