Wells Stringham

Head of Experience

Wells Stringham headshot

Head of Experience, Wells Stringham, has dedicated his career to addressing client needs by crafting solutions that span customer, user, and brand experiences. He balances customer desires, stakeholder needs, business goals, and technical constraints using techniques from UX, CX, and Service Design.

Having worked with a wide range of clients over his career, he’s as comfortable crafting a lean approach for startups as he is creating a long-term, enterprise CX platform.

Wells is most involved in the early phases of projects — distilling client requests into specific product or service opportunities that solve customer problems, then setting up the team to achieve the client’s ambitions, backed by data and insight. Wells currently serves on the board for the Vancouver UX Awards and is an Industry Mentor at the Vancouver Film School.

When he’s not immersing himself in comic books and sci-fi novels, Wells spends hours of screen-time devouring pop culture. He’s seen every Marvel film since 1989's 'The Punisher' with Dolph Lundgren (the only one he wouldn't recommend). Wells’s favorite app is iA Writer.