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Arc'teryx Equipment Case Study


The challenge

A brand built on trailblazing and covering new ground, Arc’teryx wanted to stay on the cusp of the digital curve. This meant launching a new mobile app that would catalyze their transformation into a mobile-first eCommerce leader.

With users logging in all over the world from the backcountry to the boardroom, Arc’teryx needed an app that would work effectively, even in areas with lower connectivity. Instant access to data was also key in allowing the Arc’teryx team to make informed choices about their next inventory and promotion decisions.


An adventure designed for ease

We unified the UX into one visually rich, intuitive, and seamless interface. We introduced new selection features to give customers a fast and easy way to make decisions. Visual components were created to ensure that the website and app delivered a consistent CX and created a connected narrative.

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Laying the customizable groundwork

We built the app using React Native. Easy-to-edit product and content blocks are enhanced by articles, videos, and a customizable news feed. Integrated services were built in to support advanced functions, including a search field, geolocation maps, and a sales portal. To stimulate conversation, we gave the users the ability to upload photos and share experiences on the app to their heart’s content.

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Establishing the base layer

Built-in unified data tracking tools made it simple for the Arc’teryx team to set their own metrics and track engagement directly. Cache function was streamlined and images uploading was made sequentially to speed up the user experience.

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The app saw immense success, and as a result of our work, the company reported significant improvements in the app’s performance:



crash rate reduced



increase in repeat visitors



increase in sales conversion



Increase in daily active users



increase in orders via the app



reduction in app uninstalls

“We’ve seen quite a bit of success with this app, so we’re excited to have this additional channel to carry forward our bigger, long-term goals.”

— Tyler Gaucher | Digital Consumer Experience Manager