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A downhill skier is framed in a white rounded rectangle.

Conquering the mobile eCommerce summit

Arc'teryx logo in black.

Project Focus

Tech advisory and engineering

Data intelligence

Arc’teryx is a high-performance outdoor equipment company, renowned for leading innovations in climbing, skiing, and alpine technologies. The company wanted to extend their innovative advancements into the digital world.

A man in a red coat rock climbs up a mountain.
An Arc'teryx coat emerges from a phone screen that displays Arc'teryx's Product Listing Page.

Project overview


Arc’teryx wanted a modern mobile app that would deliver an engaging and conversion-focused digital experience, even in low connectivity areas. They also wanted to improve their data and analytics capabilities.


Our team created a rich, intuitive mobile app UX that allows customers to easily find products and make decisions, while unifying the visual feel across the website and mobile app to create a seamless experience.

Technology Partners:

Algolia logo in dark grey.

Key Results

A mobile-first eCommerce experience that boosted conversions and orders, reduced app downtime, and increased the number of daily users.

+ 39 %

in sales conversions

+ 29 %

in orders from the app

We’ve seen quite a bit of success with this app, so we’re excited to have this additional channel to carry forward our bigger, long-term goals.

Tyler Gaucher Digital Consumer Experience Manager

Making the mobile experience simple, fast, and intuitive


Arc’teryx wanted a new mobile app that would satisfy their users all over the world, from the backcountry to the boardroom. To position the company as a mobile-first eCommerce leader, the new Arc’teryx mobile app needed to deliver a seamless UX, even in areas with lower connectivity.

Arc'teryx logo and the Arc'teryx app icon.
A mobile screen shows the Arc'teryx commerce app, with images emerging from the phone.
The Arc'terxy mobile app on three mobile phone screens.
Flat screens of the Arc'teryx app shown at an angle.

Developing a multi-year platform strategy and roadmap


Stretching across disciplines, our teams collaborated closely on delivering an enhanced commerce experience. We improved the mobile UX to create a visually rich and engaging interface and introduced new features to give customers a quick and easy way to make decisions. Visual narratives were created to connect the customer experience across the website and mobile app. We built the app using React Native, and made content blocks easy to edit and enhance with articles, videos, and a customizable news feed. Advanced functions including search, geolocation maps, and a sales portal were added, and users can now upload photos via the app to engage with the wider community.

Increasing conversions, orders, daily active users


The new Arc’teryx mobile app delivered:

+ 39 %

in sales conversions

+ 29 %

in orders from the app

+ 8 %

in daily active users (DAU)s

- 59 %

reduction in app uninstalls

- 16 %

crash rate reduced

+ 8 %

increase in repeat visitors
A snowboard does a flip. The white frame around him also includes three product details pages for Arc'teryx products, including a yellow jacket, black pants, and white gloves.
The Arc'teryx commerce store shown on a tablet and in smaller rounded squares. Product images and people.
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Thomas Pink

+ 180 %

increase in average order value
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