How Jamstack Benefits Omnichannel

Thought Leadership

By Felipe Silberstein | October 27, 2021
Illustration of a man looking at an eCommerce page on a tablet

When we propose using Jamstack for a new site build, we tend to get asked why we use this approach, and what the benefits are.

Between making your content management easy, enabling faster integration of new tools, and facilitating great team dynamics, there is a lot to speak to. But if you’re a business concerned about improving your omnichannel strategy, Jamstack really shines.

In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the things we like about the Jamstack approach and the benefits it provides.

The importance of improving your brand's digital experience

With everyone going online because of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to pivot quickly and set up shop online. Brands had to quickly mobilize online sales, and rebuild logistics from scratch. Not everyone was prepared for this change, and many were caught off guard.

However, those set up with a customizable tech stack had an easier time adapting to market changes.

That’s why we advocate for development approaches like Jamstack. The philosophy and recommended tools focus on meeting the changing needs of your users’ needs, giving you the freedom to build the experiences they want. In a mobile-first purchasing environment, giving a great site experience has a major influence on your site users’ willingness to take action.

In a study by PwC, 73% of the people surveyed responded that the experience they have when considering a purchase is a determining factor in their decision. In addition, a Zendesk study on brand loyalty reported 74% of the people surveyed felt loyalty to a particular brand, and the second most influential factor in their loyalty was service quality (only after price). For omnichannel to succeed, creating an excellent digital experience for the different user profiles on your site is vital.

An example of one customer experience strategy we helped build was for Coca-Cola Embonor. The company was looking for an architecture that would allow them to launch a new platform in a couple of months, due to the pressures from quarantines in early 2020. They wanted the solution to be scalable, with the ability to dynamically adjust the experience delivered to people, creating more memorable experiences.

We proposed a powerful combination of tools, like Contentful, CommerceLayer, and Algolia. The solution included platform management across their different channels, powering their logistics and inventory. It also included a pred

Benefits of omnichannel in your Jamstack platform

To foster long-term loyalty, people must feel that brands are about their preferences and opinions. To achieve this relationship, you need to be able to meet customers wherever they are, and as they move from one channel to another.

Omnichannel is a strategy that seeks to facilitate lasting relationships with your customers by standardizing your experiences across channels.

Jamstack architecture facilitates these consistent experiences. By decoupling the front-end from the back-end of your site, you can have multiple front-ends connected to the same backend. As a result, regardless of the channel type or information shared, you can provide a consistent experience to your customer, wherever they connect with you.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the main benefits of using Jamstack for omnichannel strategies:

  • It strengthens eCommerce abilities by centralizing data collection and communication across multiple channels. This enables a better understanding of people's behavior and, with it, sophistication of the experience.

  • Jamstack's headless approach facilitates great content management. For example, by using Contentful and embracing a modular building block approach to content, launching a new sales channel doesn’t require repetition. You can select the necessary content types or ‘blocks’, and put them into action on the platform.

  • It increases visibility for your brand, unifying your delivery and content strategy across all channels. For example, you can easily add a button for “night mode,” or sepia for those who need to change the classic RGB view.

Jamstack: a tool for personalized omnichannel

The future of personalized eCommerce is based on providing accessibility and meeting customer preferences. Any solution you deliver through digital channels must be accessible, easy to use, and engaging.

At Apply Digital, we believe that an omnichannel strategy is about building a personal connection while optimizing your business for the future. It's about being everywhere the customer wants to be, allowing you to meet their preferences, and mitigating the uncertainty by relying on a flexible and always-ready architecture. If you would like help implementing this kind of technology in your organization, please reach out to someone on our team to discuss how we can help.