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Coca-Cola Embonor B2C

A coca-cola can sits on a red box, a simple translucent screen with the Coca-Cola Embonor navigation bar is behind the can.

Modernizing to meet the changing expectations of consumers

Coca-Cola Embonor logo in black and red.

Project Focus

Strategy and research

Experience design

Tech advisory and engineering

Data intelligence

Coca-Cola Embonor is a leading distributor of beverages in Bolivia and Chile and a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest beverage companies.

A laptop shows the Coca-Cola Embonor website. A cherry cola sits on the desk next to the laptop.
Mobile screen for Coca-Cola Embonor's home page.

Project overview


Faced with declining in-person consumer sales in Bolivia and Chile during the Covid-19 pandemic, Coca-Cola Embonor wanted to create a direct-to-consumer channel to drive sales.


A modern, dedicated B2C commerce solution built with scalable composable technology and optimized for conversion.

Technology Partners:

Commerce Layer logo in dark grey. Algolia logo in dark grey. Contentful logo in dark grey.

Key Results

Major gains in orders and product sales, an improved commerce experience for consumers, and a foundation for future growth.

+ 44 %

growth in monthly orders

+ 59 %

increase in conversion rate

When you put together high-quality developers, a clear vision, and first-class technology, you can achieve your objectives as you had planned.

Matias Morales mr. Director of Innovation and Digital Development at Embonor

A B2C commerce solution to drive beverage sales among consumers in two distinct markets


Coca-Cola Embonor was faced with a drop in consumer sales as shopping habits changed during the pandemic. To reconnect with customers and boost sales, the company wanted to create a dedicated B2C sales channel to serve both markets.

A group of friends enjoy bottles of Coca-Cola as they watch something in the distance.
A crate of Coca-Cola bottles.
"Add to cart" feature for a can of Fanta.
The atomic design of the Coca-Cola embonor website.

A scalable, D2C personalized commerce experience that converts


We worked closely with the company’s sales, marketing, and content teams to bring a holistic perspective to conception, design and delivery. Our team used atomic design principles to create the foundation of an engaging B2C solution, and built the app using composable technology to ensure scalability and agility. We enhanced Commerce Layer’s integrated catalog management with search features using Algolia. This collaboration made it easy for Embonor to deliver personalized content and for consumers to find the products they want.

Exceptional increases in sales, placed orders, and user experience


The company also benefited from major associated increases in B2B revenues and profits. After rolling out the new B2C commerce experience, Coca-Cola Embonor saw:

+ 94 %

increase in B2C beverage sales

+ 50 k

increase in B2C orders

+ 44 %

growth in monthly orders

+ 59 %

increase in conversion rate
Several mobile screens show different parts of the Coca-Cola Embonor site experience, product listing and product detail pages to promotions.
The product listing page of Coca-Cola Embonor's site.
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conversion rate
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