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Bringing the vehicle purchasing process online

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Experience design

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Americar is a leading South American vehicle services group with concessionaires in Chile and Peru. Offering a broad portfolio of cutting-edge brands, products, and services, they aim to re-imagine the automotive retail experience in Latin America.

project overview

Project overview


Create a customer-facing eCommerce platform for a major auto group that enables consumers to buy, sell, lease, finance, and insure vehicles from a single website.


A modern, composable eCommerce platform built using atomic design that unifies first and third-party services, creating an end-to-end, conversion-focused experience.

Technology Partners:

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Key Results

Major increases in engagement, number of site users, credit evaluation requests, user session length, and site pageviews.

+ 91 %

improvement in user session length

+ 46 %

increase in customer credit evaluations
Transform a disparate group of legacy ecommerce sites into a unified, conversion-focused experience


Americar wanted to upgrade their collection of aging eCommerce sites to create a modern, optimized user experience. The company had attempted platform migrations twice before, with poor results. One major element of the transformation would involve the integration of multiple third-party services, such as financing and insurance, into the final product.

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A modern, composable eCommerce platform optimized for user experience and conversion


Our design and UX teams leveraged atomic design methodology to develop a standardized user experience, look, and feel that would align Americar’s five legacy eCommerce sites into a single user experience. Then, working closely with developers, took a composable technology approach to build the foundation of the unified solution, leveraging microservices to provide flexibility for each retailer’s unique needs. Finally, we layered the new eCommerce experience onto the composable foundation and integrated multiple third-party data and service streams, creating an end-to-end experience that allows users to find, buy, sell, lease, finance, and insure vehicles with Americar.

Improved engagement, more inquiry-stage requests, and a higher number of site users


After deploying the new Americar ecommerce platform, the company saw:

+ 91 %

improvement in user session length

+ 46 %

increase in customer credit evaluations

+ 30 %

increase in site users

+ 28 %

increase in site page views
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- 700 %

reduction in page load times
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