Meet your Chief Technology Officer Dom Selvon

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By Apply Digital Staff | April 19, 2023
A circle picture of Apply Digital's Chief Technology Officer, Dom Selvon on a blue background

As we continue to grow our footprint, we recognize the need for new senior leadership roles that will help us better serve our clients and partners within our expanding ecosystem.

To maintain our One Team way of working, we’re delighted to elevate two (formerly E2X — now an Apply Digital Company) senior leaders into global roles. 

A warm welcome to senior leader Dom Selvon, who joins us as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in London, UK. Dom brings over 20 years of technology experience, having worked with some of the largest global retailers and most complex eCommerce sites.

Dom sat down with us to share how he’ll work in collaboration with our global team.

Apply Digital: Hi Dom, congratulations on your new role; we’re excited to have you on board as Chief Technology Officer. You’ll leverage best-of-breed tech to drive innovation, enable growth, and improve efficiency. How will that drive value for our partners and clients? 

Dom Selvon, CTO: I’m very proud of our skilled team, and our dedication to offer the best possible MACH solutions for modern clients. We’re recognized as one of the leading global systems consultancies offering a complete and pure MACH solution for enterprise and mid-market brands. And we work well with others: humbled to share we’ve been recognised as Partner of the Year for Contentful (NA, 2023) and commercetools (UK, 2021 and 2022). In addition to ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality, I look forward to:

  • Ensuring clients benefit: aligning the latest technological advancements with Apply Digital’s MACH focus and ensuring the clients get the business impact they need and ROI they deserve 

  • Being a connector: I’ll act as the bridge between growth and transformation aspects of the technology team to position our teams to support modern clients on their digital transformation journey. 

  • Scale the team across the work: I’m excited to collaborate with some of the brightest and creative minds across Chile, Toronto, North America, and Europe. Together, we’ll grow our team, capabilities and apply tech to the composable world of eCommerce and digital experience. Look forward to continuing to help some of the largest brands succeed. 

Apply Digital: You’ve been a CTO for over a decade. From your time at the award-winning London-based digital services company E2X (now an Apply Digital Company), you’ve worked closely with commerce leaders to digitally transform companies. What do you wish company leaders who want to move to composable tech would prioritize?

  1. What’s your “why”? Change can be hard and it’s crucial to make sure your company is aligned. Where are your pain points? What are your overall targets? OKRs can help ground teams and align on the same goal. It’s especially important for marketing and tech teams to get in sync; you need to make sure everyone is at the table. Composable tech can enable departments to break down silos and find common ground — especially if you have changemakers on different teams.

  2. Think human-centered: Everyone is investing in personalization. What separates the leaders from everyone else is that the leaders are creating experiences that are relevant to their customer’s expectations. When are your customers browsing? What are they actually clicking on? Consider your customer and team's pain points, wants, and needs. Composable tech can give you a richness of data from different sources you can use to personalize your offerings and create an experience that truly connects.

  3. The time to change is now: The latest MACH Alliance survey of 500 technology decision-makers shares that “Legacy is still holding companies back, with one in five companies spending over half their IT budget on upgrades.” There is a clear opportunity cost to not changing — and many ROIs you’ll experience when you move to MACH.

Apply Digital: How are you most excited to collaborate in your new role?

Dom Selvon, CTO: I am but one in a team of very talented people all striving to deliver the best, most contemporary solutions in the world today. As an executive board member of the MACH Alliance and active participant in Tech Council, I look forward to continuing to advocate for technology that allows companies to scale what works and pivot to changing marketing needs. 

That’s alongside Gautam and Brian on the MACH advisory board, Andy Wadsworth on the marketing council, and Roberto Carrera and Andrea Moretti on the technology council. And as a member of Apply Digital, I look forward to collaborating with Andrea Morreti, Head of Technology North America, and Juan Manuel Fluxa, Head of Technology LATAM, to digitally transform some of the most complex and high-scale brands. 

Congratulations again to Dom and we look forward to continuing to better serve our clients wherever they are. To connect with Dom or learn more about Apply Digital, please reach out to us at

Co-Written by Sasha Speranzini