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Meet Your Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Chris Woodill

Find out all you need to know about Apply Digital's VP of Enterprise Solutions.

  • Company update
  • 4 MIN READ
  • Mar 11, 2024
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As we continue to grow our footprint, we recognize the need for new senior leadership roles that will help us better serve our clients and partners within our expanding ecosystem.

We are pleased to welcome Chris Woodill to the team, who brings over twenty years of experience in digital transformation and customer experience. As Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, he will closely collaborate with teams to drive digital success.

Chris sat down with us to share a little bit about his new role and how he’ll work in collaboration with our global team and partners to drive impact for our clients.

Apply Digital: What drew you toward enterprise solutions, and how would you describe the concept?

Chris Woodill: Enterprise Solutions is focused on the alignment of technology platforms, strategy, digital and client engagement.  I've been immersed in technology since I was very young, blending personal and professional interests for over twenty five years. My current role aligns very closely with those I’ve held throughout my career. 

Enterprise Solutions encompasses various fields because in a modern business, technology and digital now drive so many different aspects. My new role at Apply Digital means integrating all our client’s complex enterprise technology platforms with diverse disciplines as we deliver modern digital customer experiences.

You bring over 20 years of experience, specifically in the realm of digital transformation and customer experience. How will you drive value for Apply Digital’s clients and partners?

What drives me personally is the intersection between customer relationships and experiences, particularly in the digital realm. My focus lies in building strong client partnerships and translating them into actionable strategies.

We navigate the transition from sales and vision to project execution, aligning the original vision with delivered solutions. This approach significantly impacts our organization, especially as we engage in broader strategic discussions with clients.

How has your work with customers informed your perspective?

As digital technologies have advanced, the business landscape has also changed dramatically. In recent decades, companies have created foundational elements from scratch, investing heavily to establish services like social networks, eCommerce, analytics, AI, and marketing automation. These were once considered luxuries, but are now essential to modern business operations. 

Digital transformation has shifted from being a small team initiative to becoming the core of every business. Even internal services not directly visible to the public have undergone radical digitization.

This evolution underscores the importance of digital optimization in reshaping business operations, particularly in response to soaring customer expectations. This trend is particularly strong among younger demographics, who demand seamless digital experiences across multiple channels.

To remain competitive, companies must invest in a comprehensive digital presence, including mobile apps, websites, eCommerce platforms, robust social media engagement, and effective email communication. These elements are now considered fundamental requirements rather than optional extras, highlighting the integral role of digital technology in modern business practices.

Congratulations again to Chris; we look forward to continuing to better serve our clients wherever they are. To connect with Chris or learn more about Apply Digital, please reach out to us at hello@applydigital.com.

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