Why Personalized Digital Experiences Are Key

Thought Leadership

By Iñaki Barturen | November 05, 2021
A woman wearing an orange hoodie sits on a grey couch and scrolls on her phone.

What does digital experience mean to you? For brands that operate online, the digital experience you offer makes the difference between having transactional customers or loyal fans.

To build lasting relationships with your customers, you need personalized digital experiences. And to achieve this, you need flexible technologies that can adjust to the specific needs of your target audience. In this article, we’ll take a look at the role that having a flexible digital platform plays in creating a personalized experience right for your target customer.

Key technology for personalized experiences

People who shop online expect an experience that is fast, personalized, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

In order to provide this experience, you need a platform that enables all site information to be distributed efficiently across your digital channels. You also want to promote consistency across all digital touchpoints, to curate a strong brand identity.

Having a modern CMS makes this possible. It allows for more flexibility in your content management and helps designers and editors collaborate seamlessly without waiting on the development team. It also enables swift data transfer and communication between your tools, thanks to APIs.

A great example of a platform that makes this possible is Contentful, a headless CMS that helps you manage and design new content. Contentful allows you to efficiently manage everything in one place, and provide a cohesive digital experience to your customers.

Evidence-based personalization

While it’s easy to see why investing in personalized digital experiences is important, getting it right can be a challenge. It requires an in-depth understanding of who is interacting with your platform.

It’s helpful to dive into your data and analytics to understand the specific demands your prospective customers have, and avoid making assumptions about their preferences. Taking note of which content captures the most attention, and where there seem to be gaps in engagement are factors you should consider when planning to adjust your strategy.

According to a PwC report, 63% of U.S. citizens are willing to share personal information with a company that offers a great digital experience. By offering a good experience now, you’ll be able to gather insights that enable you to provide an even better experience in the future.

Optimize for an immersive experience

To truly build customized digital experiences, you need to set yourself up for success by using tools that enable this. For example, using an approach to development like Jamstack, or composable commerce will help, as they operate with core principles of building highly agile, customizable systems.

Both of these technologies enable companies to develop immersive experiences, equipping you with the functionality you need to create moments of delight for your users, through an intuitive platform.

By adding a tool like Algolia into the mix, for example, you’ll be loading your experience with the ability to perform AI-enabled dynamic searches. This means you’ll provide your users with predictive search, providing them with the best results and information as soon as the first characters are entered into the search bar.

These types of technologies increase the level of sophistication that you offer with each digital touch point, increasing customer loyalty and giving you a chance to build long-term relationships with them. In addition, these tools give brands the option to grow and change their operations while maintaining security standards.

At Apply Digital, we pride ourselves on creating digital assets and solutions that foster lasting relationships between brands and customers, leveraging a suite of cutting-edge technologies that help future-proof the business. If you would like support evolving your digital experiences, please get in touch with someone on our team today.