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Atlassian in a rounded rectangle, connoting a laptop screen.

A modern CMS for a project management software leader

Atlassian logo in blue with a slight light blue gradient.

Project Focus

Experience design

Tech advisory and engineering

A global leader in project management software, Atlassian provides cutting-edge tools to over 260,000 customers worldwide.

Screens display various pages from Atlassian's website, including their solutions page, tracking pages, and analytics.
The Atlassian ecosystem and the tools for projects, manage, service, planning.

Project overview


Faced with a CMS that was difficult to scale and a slow content publishing process, Atlassian wanted to move their content management to a fresh platform. The new CMS would need to support multiple authors and the ability to scale.


A modern, scalable CMS based on atomic design principles that supports multiple authors and cohesive editing. Plus a refreshed web governance guide for internal teams.

Technology Partners:

Contentful logo in dark grey.

Key Results

A successful launch, followed by positive feedback, and plans to deploy the same solution across other Atlassian sites.

5 min

time to market vs 3 months previously

Transition an enterprise-level company to a modern composable CMS


Atlassian wanted to transition from an outdated legacy CMS to a modern content platform. They reached out to Apply Digital to design and build a flexible CMS built with composable tech elements. 

The company needed a fresh CMS that would scale easily over time, support multiple content authors, and offer a simplified editing and publishing process. Updated web and content governance guidelines were also required.

A group of people in a meeting board, one laptop has Atlassian's project board on the screen.
Jira's task management board for developers.
Atlassian's project board via Jira.
The breakdown of Atlassian's tools, including Trello, BitBucket, Confluence, and Jira Align

A flexible, scalable CMS to support a robust content publishing operation


Working closely with the Atlassian team, our Content, Design, and Development teams designed a new content model for the company’s sites using Contentful's CMS. 

We leveraged an atomic design approach to ensure the platform would be highly scalable over time. We also built the new system to support easy editing across multiple authors, and provide a consistent look and feel across all new content pages. 

Apply Digital also delivered an updated guide for web governance and content management best practices.

The atomic design breakdown of Atlassian's digital ecosystem, starting with atoms, then molecules, organisms, templates, and pages.

More conversions, deeper engagement, and new revenue streams


The new CMS was successfully launched and the Atlassian team was impressed with the process and final result. The new CMS has been met with positive feedback, and the company plans to deploy the same approach to more of their sites over time.

5 min

time to market vs 3 months previously
A mobile screen shows Atlassian's home page, and a graph showing the reduction in go-to-market timeline, from 3 months to 5 minutes.
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