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Coca-Cola Embonor B2B

A hand holding an upside down Coca Cola bottle against a light blue sky

Taking B2B sales to the next level

Coca-Cola Embonor logo in black and red.

Project Focus

Strategy and research

Experience design

Tech advisory and engineering

Data intelligence

The Coca-Cola company is one of the world’s largest beverage companies, selling multiple billion-dollar brands in over 200 countries and territories.

A Coca Cola bottle on a red webpage background that also has the Coca Cola logo
A close-up of a mobile phone on a red background that shows the red Coca Cola app button

Project overview


Create a scalable B2B sales app with a sleek, future-ready front-end to integrate with a legacy back-end system.


A modern B2B commerce experience, optimized for conversion and seamlessly merged with existing systems.

Partners in tech

Commerce Layer logo in dark grey. Contentful logo in dark grey. Algolia logo in dark grey.

Key Results

Exceptional growth in revenue, profit, B2B customers, and repurchase rate.

+ 40 %

increase in revenue

+ 75 %

increase in B2B repurchase rate

When you put together high-quality developers, a clear vision, and first-class technology, you can achieve your objectives as you had planned.

Matias Morales Fmr. Director of Innovation and Digital Development at Coca-Cola Embonor

Modernize the B2B eCommerce experience without replacing a monolithic legacy system


Coca-Cola Embonor, a leading provider of beverage products in Bolivia and Chile, was struggling with an aging tech stack that made it difficult to deliver a compelling B2B shopping experience. The company was also faced with changing market conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which left sales reps unable to visit retailers in person. To address both problems, Coca-Cola Embonor reached out to Apply Digital to build an elegant solution.

Male barista at a coffee shop putting in an order on his ipad
Hand holding a phone with the Coca Cola app open with an order for a bottle of Coca Cola
A visual showing touchpoint, core commerce and identity buttons beside three cases of Coca Cola bins filled with empty glass bottles
A mobile phone showing a Coca Cola app with products in a cart

A first-class ecommerce experience that drives B2B orders and sales, while integrating with existing technology


With a tight, three-month deadline, our cross-disciplinary teams took a composable technology approach. We expanded on the existing B2B app using Contentful to lay the new atomic design foundation. We then integrated Commerce Layer to ensure fluency with the company’s legacy system. Our development and UX teams built out an engaging front-end experience, coupled with a modern and scalable eCommerce engine to allow flexibility and enable the gathering of first-party customer insights. An advanced search function was added using Algolia, and we integrated powerful personalization features using Insider, creating a delightful end-to-end experience for users.

An award-winning modernization with major top-line impact


After deploying the newly built solution for Coca-Cola Embonor, our modernization project was named Best B2B Project at the 2022 MACH Alliance Awards. The new B2B eCommerce platform generated:

+ 40 %

increase in revenue

+ 75 %

increase in profit

+ 2800 %

increase in B2B customers

+ 75 %

increase in B2B repurchase rate
Coca Cola can in front of three online Coca Cola products
Coca Cola website with a glass Coca Cola bottle and related drinks like pop and juice
Apply Digital connected thinking glyph

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Kraft Heinz DXP

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conversion rate
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